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    Azalea Empty Azalea

    Post by Azalea on Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:44 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Azalea
    Nickname: Network
    Age: 347
    Gender: Visibly female, but it gets complicated after that.  
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Species: Born as Forest Nymph, after infection turned into a cyber-nymph
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Height: 5ft, 7in
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Her ‘skin’ is a combination of cabling (once vines), and solar panels (once leaves).
    Eyes: Viable depending on what she wants, usually an electric blue
    Hair: Her hair is a mass of far thinner cables, with several ‘flowers’ made from solar panels intertwined and growing from it.
    Looks: Before her infection, Azalea was named, largely for the flower that made up the majority of those growing as part of her, and of her grove. A forest nymph, her body was crafted from vines, branches, petals and any other piece of organic matter that grew, all in varying amounts. Slightly shorter than most, she was often impossible to tell from her ‘children’, the plants and like she tended to almost endlessly, even as they tended to her and provided her with companionship and affection. The only striking part of her was her hair, the dull green vines plastered with what looked to be hundreds of azaleas, a flash of crimson.

    After her infection, she changed massively, but stayed the same. Keeping the same size and form, the nano-bots that ate away and destroyed her provided for her a new form. Slowly, over a course of a hundred years or more, she was slowly eaten from the inside out, vines replaced with cables, flower petals and leaves with solar panels, branches with metal struts. Not a true robot, having a true mind and immune to most forms of electrical tampering, and not a cyborg owing to her lack of biological components, she was something better. A living machine, upgraded perfectly, yet nothing like the original. She rarely tries to hide this form of hers, but a fear, a fear of those who turned her into what she now is, sometimes drives her to hide, especially in the company of those she doesn’t know, or in proximity to many others. Long pants, a heavy jacket or hoodie, and gloves, she prefers people stare at her for her odd clothing choices than what she truly is.
    Strengths/skills:Exceptional learning. She harbours a massive adaptive ability, allowing her to quickly, that is, within weeks and months, learn things that would take most months and years respectively. From learning languages to mastering weapons of various types.

    Weaknesses/Flaws: Despite appearing to be a machine, she does require nutrients (in the form of human food if need be, however she does prefer natural fertilisers and soils), sunlight and water. Her ability to store power is rather lackluster at the moment, usually enough to last for just under 24 hours without extra charging.

    She’s almost completely naive when it comes to human matters, especially lying and hidden meanings. If someone says something to her, she’s almost certain to take it at face value.

    She is completely unwilling to harm or hurt anyone unless it is a matter of life or death, preferring, to, where possible, incapacitate them.

    Fire is essentially Azalea’s kill-switch. Surrounding her with it, or simply threatening her or a large number of plants will shut her down, make her immobile and withdraw, attempting to escape and hide in what can only be described as a basic, feral way, focused only on surviving. Of course, it cannot physically harm her, but the mental scars run deep.

    Much like herbicide to a plant, firewalls and antivirus software cause her immense pain. During her integration with a machine or system, she can be identified and attacked by most such software very easily, especially if she attempts to tamper with something, or access files and system areas she shouldn’t / doesn’t have access to. If successfully detected and quarantined by such programs, she will be forced to separate, this being a best case scenario. In a worst case scenario, that is, if the program is built to destroy invading programs, she will be forcibly ejected from the system, and back into her own body, disabled for that post, completely, and damaged for the 3 following it, regaining complete functionality on the fourth post. Integration cannot be reattempted until full functionality is restored, while her stun pollen cannot be used for only the post she is disabled

    Special Abilities: Mechanical / organic integration systems. Azalea can, within minutes (1 post in most cases, more for highly advanced systems), integrate herself with both organic networks (groves, orchards, forests etc.) and mechanical equipment. This renders her physical form immobile, unable to protect itself except by means of whatever she is currently integrated with. For technology, this only works on civilian equipment and lower end military / private equipment, anything higher requiring exponentially more time as complexity increases. Separating takes roughly the same time, with a lock out of 1 post between the two actions.
    (N.B. This means that if she DOES integrate with something, there will be, at minimum, 1 post where she is extremely vulnerable.)

    Conversion: Azalea can, given time periods of weeks if not months, convert nearby plant-life into metallic forms like herself. The time period ranges from 2 weeks for things such as grass and small ground plants, to almost 3 months for things such as large trees. Of course, this is something she avoids heavily. She knows she is a monster, having been responsible for the destruction of her grove after she accidentally infected it, and as such she stays far away from nature where possible, living in the shadows in cities.

    Stun pollen. Pretty straightforward. When hurt, or sufficiently startled, Azalea can release a small cloud of stun spores from the flowers interlaced with her hair, that will float in a large circle, with a radius of roughly 10 feet, for 2 posts. The cloud will float around for approximately 15 seconds (giving those close to her time to run) before ‘activating’, generating a semi-powerful electric field between the specks of pollen, strong enough to short circuit most machines / equipment smaller than she is, mess with systems such as visual and targeting on larger machines, and strong enough to stun a human sized opponent for between 45 and 90 seconds (I didn’t put it in posts because it would be sub-post length in most cases). This ability takes approximately 6 posts to ‘regrow’, and does not move from where it was spawned.
    Personality: An outsider, to both the modern world and the natural, Azalea is caught in the horrific void between the two, a monster that should never have come about but has anyway. Naive and trusting as a small child, it’s only her natural unwillingness to speak to and interact with humans that keeps her from being easily caught. Compounding on that, she is of the mindset that the humans who did this to her, tore her from her home and converted her into this unnatural melady of machine and plant are after her, simply another reason why she cannot trust many she meets. Of course, her unwillingness quickly tapers off as one deviates from human. Humans with animalistic traits, biped creatures with the body shape of humans but obviously not, and complete creatures can often quickly and easily worm their way into her good graces with barely any trouble, often believing what they say at face value, lying a concept that was… impossible and unheard of in her previous life. Of course, she is… almost incapable of lying herself, either simply answering questions she’s asked or saying outright she would prefer not to answer rather than create something.

    Likes/Hobbies: Flowers, more specifically the flower she’s named after, Azalea’s
    Tending to and caring after plants, especially flowering / fruiting plants
    Integrating with groves / other large collections of plant life and simply… listening, relaxing and melding with them
    Helping out the rest of Crimson Legion where she can, especially with any ailments, often taking on a role of both mother and doctor
    Dislikes: Her conversion affecting the plants she’s meant to be tending to. It’s inevitable, but she still hates and fears it, as she knows how much the process hurts, not to mention what can happen to large areas ‘infected’ by her
    Fears: Being responsible, either directly, or indirectly, for the conversion of another large quantity of biomass, like her grove. This terrifies her to no extent, and one of the key reasons she is scared of humans, that they might try to copy what happened to her, and her powers.
    While technically immune to it, now, fire holds a special place in the black part of Azalea’s heart. A terrifying prospect, either naturally occurring or set on purposes, the thought of being consumed in flames is a dream that has shaken her awake many times.
    Parents: None
    Mate: N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: N/A
    Brothers/sisters: N/A
    History: N/A

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    Azalea Empty Re: Azalea

    Post by Lexia on Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:41 am

    I think this is good.



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