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    Lore: The Nypherian Empire Empty Lore: The Nypherian Empire

    Post by Defaox on Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:43 pm

    The Nypherian Empire  
       Lore: The Nypherian Empire Nypher13  


    The story takes place on Earth. The year was 2020 and the third world War had begun. Now, this wasn't a fight that was started because of violation of treaties or borders. This was started because of resources. At the time, Earth was wasting away because of over consumption by humans. By the year 2023, there were lines drawn in the sand. The EU became the European Coalition, America / Russia / Canada / Japan because the Pacific Union, and Most of Asia had banded together.

    The Pacific union had a plan to leave Earth and wander the coldness of space. they wanted to find a new home and start over. Word had gotten around and everyone either wanted to leave with them or take it for themselves. By the time of 2035, the ships were ready and the last battle for humanity's salvation had begun. Everyone converged on that one point. they sent their army's to take the ships and some had begun firing nukes at each other.

    The Pacific Union had escaped in two large ships. one had gotten lost in a worm hole and transported into another universe. The second was never found again, according to Nypherian records. The remainder of the Pacific Union crashed landed in an alien world.
    Upon landing, they created a new calendar. Which was going to signal the new life they had begun on the planet. The new time would be 1 NB ( new beginning). Within the year 5 NB, the Pacific union had begun in developing new forms of technology and a strong hatred for organic life. A new law and belief began to sweep the entire colony. To convert into technology and toss away their organic life's. they also had noticed the natives that were living nearby.

    speed things up to the time 35 NB and the entire planet is now under the Pacific Union control and all intelligent life has either been killed or died of starvation. Within a vote of agreement they choose to toss away the old name of Pacific Union and become the Nypherians. Their hatred for organic life had pushed them to be perfect killing machines.

    As time went by, 125 NB, the Nypherians took to the sky once again and into space. They began to look less and less human. Parts of their bodies where now machine. they cared more about research and technology than anything else. They had begun to target solar systems that housed sentient organic life. once they have found them, they would exterminate them. By the time of 300 NB, they have invented warp technology. This helped them travel in greater distances. They began to conquer galaxys. then soon they learned how to travel between universes.
    550 NB, they came in contact with their first true test. One organic species that had space technology. Their conflict with them had begun with invading their small colonies and burning them to the ground. This conflict had lasted 100 years until the Nypherians had wiped them out and harvested their technology. Thus making them more powerful.

    by 1,000 NB, they had been conquering many galaxy in the new universe. They kept doing this for a very long time and kept getting more and more battle hardened. It had been 35,000,00 NB, until they came in contact with the Twin Blade Empire. They were in equal footing in technology. They had learned through hacking the Blades technology that they're also a universal empire. This was their biggest challenged yet and so the second universal war had begun.

    This war had lasted for a very long time and it was 1,350,000,000 NB. They had been through many universes and dimensions and killed countless people. The leader of the Twin Blades son was taken. They couldn't leave the boy there. His name was Seifert, however his story is will be told another time.

    The numbers of countless dead had troubled the Nypherians. This had changed their outlook on life but their hatred for Organics still lingered as their painful memory of their home world haunted them. They all left the universes and entered the Void. There they hid from everyone. they continued to grow in power and inventing new technology.

    At the time of 1,410,500,000 NB, they had comeback to the Sol Galaxy for a few reasons and that they are keeping to themselves. They're not looking for friends and they're not looking for war.


    The Second Asmodian war, most call it that. Though, some call it the first because they don't know of the First Universal War.Within the following years of inhabiting a new galaxy, outside of the Void. They began to have "growing" tensions with an Ancient species of Alien, called the Asmodians. The overall issue is that the Asmodians were being led by an old enemy, Anu Mau. Lord Srox, the new leader of the Nypherian Empire begun her new vision of the Nypherians. While dealing with the rising tensions, she created the Nypherian Senate. Each Senate is represents the 100 different alien species that live within the Nypherian Empire. Along with the new creation of the Nypherian High Command, new leadership had begun to form within the Nypherian Empire. A Drastic change within the culture.

    New Divisions with new technology began to show up within the Nypherian Empire ranks. However, things were put on hold as Asmodian armadas began to show up within the Galaxy. The Asmodians began to attack the other species/cultures within the Galaxy and surrounded the Nypherian territories. The conflict lasted 4 years until the joint operation involving the NGA (Northern Galactic Alliance) and the Nypherians. The war had taken millions of lives but it led to the extermination of the Asmodian species. With the Nypherians officially closing their borders and refusing to contact the NGA, they continued with their secret project, "Operation StarGazer". Nearing the end of the Cycled Year, the Immortal Wars began. This mainly was the NGA vs. The Immortal Empire. A war that ravaged the Northern part of the Galaxy. The Nypherians stayed out of that conflict, licking their wounds from the Second Asmodian War.


    During the first days of the shift in power/culture. The Old Machines, or the ones that had existed since the first Nypherian AI systems came online. They have always hated organics since the memories of losing Earth in a Nuclear hell fire. That hatred of organics has been permanently engrained in their memories. With all Nypherians linked into a Hive Mind network, all knew and respected each others opinions and beliefs. Nothing was said when Organics soon took power by establishing a Government that included the Senate and the High Command. The Old machines, resented the new generation greatly but kept it to themselves. As the new division grew, which included the Cybernetic, Synthetic, Eclipse, Main District Divisions. The old Machines voted in secret to fight the new generation and kill the Government.

    They waited for many years to strike. They waited through the Asmodian Conflict and the Immortal Wars to strike. This forced ALL systems to engage in conflict. A bloody/scrap war that last well over 100 years. This led to the fall of the Old Machines but not the end. They retreated into dark space, never to be seen again. Yet, the damage had been done and Trillions of lives were lost in the war. All systems shown staggering numbers but, what tipped the balance was the completion of Operation Stargazer. New forms of Synthetic AI were created and new technology soon followed. This gave the Nypherian Empire the edge, forcing the Old Machines to retreat. Voting in a unanimous decision, both the High Command and the Senate outlawed the use of the remaining Old Machine technology. Any technology belonging to the Old Machines were destroyed. This would make sure they would not be able to replicate and build and army in secret within the Galaxy.

    In the of it all, after the Nypherian Empire found its footing again. They lost Vice Admiral Koff, one of the leading Admirals within the Navy/Air Force, and Lord Executor Srox. Lord Srox was one of the members of High Command, she lost her life in conflict in the past 2 wars.


    At the end of the Nypherian Civil war, no side could come out with a "true" victory. Each side traded wins and losses. In the end, it was considered a draw. No one could win the war. The Old Machines and Nypherian Empire came up with the "Void Treaty", signaling the end of the fighting and peace would be restored. The old machines left the galaxy, and moved on to the nearest galaxy, avoiding the possible future of a new war. However, the Old Machines and Nypherians still hold deep levels of hatred towards one another. The possibly of cross galaxy war still lingers; both Empires glare back at each other from across the emptiness of space.

    Yet, neither one of them expected to come across another Empire that would soon rival their own power, the Joevak Empire.


    The Military structure is based on the balance of power. It is broken down in regards of rank and their technology that they use. Each division & Section has their specific responsibilities. Each formulate their own tactics based on the Evolving nature of the battlefield, and the intelligence they acquire.

    High Command

    Navy, Army, Eclipse Division, Steel Division, Synthetic Division, Stargazer Division


    Their strengths vary from each division. Each division is created to cover each others weaknesses. Using tactics and COA's (Courses of Action) to adapt to the battlefield. Their biggest weakness is their technology. If someone is able to hack their systems, and able to fight off every attempt to defend their networks. Theoretically, they could start shutting down systems for a limited amount of time.

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    Lore: The Nypherian Empire Empty Re: Lore: The Nypherian Empire

    Post by Defaox on Sat Sep 08, 2018 11:06 am


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