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    Predator Tyrant, Xenomorph Hunter

    Predator Tyrant
    Predator Tyrant

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    Predator Tyrant, Xenomorph Hunter - Page 2 Empty Predator Tyrant, Xenomorph Hunter

    Post by Predator Tyrant on Sun Dec 13, 2015 12:28 am

    First topic message reminder :

    Personal Info:
    Name: Tyrant Csar
    Nickname: Tyrant, Master Xenomorph Hunter, Unstoppable King
    Age: 98 Years Old
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Yautja (Predator)
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Clan: Yautja Species
    Rank: Grand Commander
    Height: 8'9
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Dense Skin
    Eyes: Golden Orange
    Tyrant wears a high ranking helmet to cover himself when fighting, which gives him a sort of terror feel. ( ). His body is also covered by advanced machinery, with Predator Armor covering his body, it has etched Yautja writing into it.

    Without Armor, his body is scarred in numerous places and his face is that of a normal predator, albeit tougher looking. His skin is also more rough, being dense from extreme training and fighting. His mouth has sort of a 4-pronged look to it, which can be severely intimidating for the average Joe.
    Extra: for more information
    Hobbies/skills: Hunting down Xenos, commanding and leading, tracking and hunting, crafting and hand-to-hand as well as aiming proficiency and slight healing knowledge and pilot skills.
    Strengths: Body (No Armor) can survive bullets, heals from bullet wounds in about a day, extremely powerful (able to lift 1-3 tons), And extremely quick (Able to tag a face hugger in mid-air easily, a speed faster than the eye can track)
    Weaknesses: Due to tradition goes lone wolf a lot, Prefers to use ancient weapons instead of his advanced weapons frequently, sometimes too reliant on weapons, still can die from traditional Bullets
    Commander (Grand) class Helmet: the helmet is the second best helmet a Yautja can get, right under the King's Helmet. It has all the standard abilities of a helmet (thermal vision, movement vision, Xeno vision,X-Ray and normal vision), as well as zoom and auto-targeting for plasma caster functions. It is also a hub for his tools and communications. It also serves as a great protector of the head, able to survive several stabs directly into the mask from a Xenomorph tail and not break, something that will rip a stone wall in half.

    Cloaking Device: Light-bending adaptive camouflage allowing Predators a form of invisibility, or at least translucence, rendering them incredibly difficult to spot. The invisibility effect has been known to be shorted out through contact with water or if the arm gauntlet is damaged, and it is susceptible to the effects of an electro-magnetic pulse, at least temporarily. The effects of the device have also been known to fail as a result of direct assaults on the Predator's body, be it with ranged weaponry or physical attacks. If used right, the predator is able to be unseen to even the best of eyes.

    Plasma Caster: Technically Tyrant has 2 of these, 1 mounted on his shoulder and one as a spare. These are connected to the helmet for targeting purposes, or hand held like a pistol. These are strong enough to obliterate tanks with sheer power, with the downside it has extreme energy consumption which will cause the predator to find a electricity source to drain. If broken, it can self destruct and explode in a similar explosion to 25 grenades exploding at once.

    Wrist Gauntlet: The gauntlet of information for the predator, it has a mini-rocket attached to it and have an explosion comparable to 2 C-4. It is a multi tool, and a command core for the predator. If the predator were to fail their mission, they can self-destruct the Wrist Gauntlet, eliminating any evidence of the Yautja. The resulting explosion is comparable to a Nuclear Bomb (Suicide tactic, never used unless absolutely failed and near-death).

    Medi-kit: a stick that can be cracked in half and stabbed into the Yautja, the insides are a glowing blue crystal able to heal the Yautja almost instantly. Tyrant carries 6 of these. Downside to these are they cannot be found on earth, as the crystals needed are native to their homeland. As such, once he runs out, he's out for good.

    Wrist Blades: Razor-sharp serrated blades worn on a wrist gauntlet, theyre in pairs and immune to the acid effects of the Xenomorph. They're extremely sharp, being able to rip through tank Armor with moderate effort. Can be shot out to be used as projectiles, but rarely used. They're not utterly indestructible, basically the titanium or carbon steel of the Predators.

    Spear Gun: A projectile weapon that fires small metal spears, comparable to a traditional projectile firearm or crossbow. The force is strong enough to kill normal Xenos, but is useless against stronger types. Typically only has 4-5 shots before its out of ammo.

    Combi-Stick: A retractable spear that can be used either in hand-to-hand combat or as a thrown weapon. It is very customized by Tyrant, with his own personal markings etched into it. It is comparable to the tail of a Xeno, maybe even sharper.

    Net Launcher: A handheld device capable of firing a wire net with enough force to pin a target to a wall. The net also features an automatic tightening mechanism designed to cause grievous wounds to the enclosed target. Also has an electric system to stun targets temporarily. Tyrant has 1 of these, so if broken, Tyrant has to settle for a traditional human net, which can still work with the launcher's force, but is WAY less efficient then the Yautja type.

    Smart-Disc: A self-guiding discus-like cutting device. It is basically a smart shuriken. If stuck In a wall, small holes in the side can be commanded to fire and return to the Yautja. Strong enough to slice through Xeno hide, but used lightly as it needs extreme skill to use or risk self-harm.

    Mines: Predators utilize a variety of mines with varying trigger mechanisms and detonation effects in their Hunts. Tyrant cares 4 mines, each with the force strong as 4 C-4.

    Most of these has a common downside, most of these weapons are Yautja-Specific, so most once used up, can't be used again unless refuelled by Yautja technology.

    Special abilities:
    Super-Blood: a Yautja's blood has extreme healing properties, which is desired by Oak Hollows. By simply drinking their blood, one can extend their age by 20 years. Bullet wounds will also heal in a mere hour.
    Honed Body: Tyrant's body is extremely trained, superior to other Yautjas for the most part. He can lift 1-3 tons, and jump almost 16 m into the air!
    Attacks: Prefers to stick with Combi-Stick, Wrist blades and the Smart Disk.
    Combat style: Use the environment to advantage, and strike only when needed.
    Personality: Tyrant is a trained fighter, mostly serious. While he is extremely cold to Xenomorphs and those who oppose him, he is actually nice to native creatures and innocent beings. He is very logical, with 98 years of intelligence. He might even help out some creatures by giving them a Yautja-Made weapon. He also curious, being bored with his own species since he's literally seen all they can do and their history.
    Hunting down Xenomorphs
    Helping out natives
    Fellow trained fighters
    Other species' technology
    Dislikes: Letting Xenomorphs overrun a planet
    Having to put down a creature because they're fertilized by a Face hugger for the greater good
    Dragging natives into a Predator Vs Alien fight
    Fears: Fighting every queen and king Xenomorph single-handidly (fighting 3 Queens is hard enough)
    Having to self destruct
    Parents: Deceased by Alien King
    Mate: N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: A Mid-Ranking little brother and average Sister

    While his deep past is unknown, Tyrant has killed entire hives of Xenomorphs and killed at least 8 Queens single handidly, earning him the second highest rank possible. While on a patrol, a sudden Xenomorph reading popped up in an unknown planet, and Tyrant went to investigate alone. (The Beyond)
    RP paragraph: I'm Akre

    P.S. Tyrant is a story-exclusive character and won't appear in anything but our planned topic, unless someone WANTS tyrant in their topic.


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    Predator Tyrant, Xenomorph Hunter - Page 2 Empty Re: Predator Tyrant, Xenomorph Hunter

    Post by sLy on Wed Dec 23, 2015 10:50 pm

    My ONLY reason for not accepting this is the lack of weaknesses. Period.

    I have already said this before and I will repeat it here. I don't care if your characters are from fanbases, as long as they start out within respectable limits that don't overshadow other starting characters born from 100% creativity or whatever. End of argument.

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    Predator Tyrant, Xenomorph Hunter - Page 2 Empty Re: Predator Tyrant, Xenomorph Hunter

    Post by Jaks on Thu Dec 24, 2015 3:04 pm

    GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS. I didn't know that it was 'RANDOM RP ONLY" I read through this ENTIRE thread and missed that. SORRY for being a big stupid derp. If I knew that information I would have slammed down the stamp of approval AGES ago. Also when I read the replies to this topic everybody else was complaining so you can't really blame me.

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    Predator Tyrant, Xenomorph Hunter - Page 2 Empty Re: Predator Tyrant, Xenomorph Hunter

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